Growitarianism: A Little Encouragement for Growing Food

Of all the ways that people feed themselves in healthy and  responsible ways, my favorite is Growitarianism.  And though I don’t yet grow and raise everything that my family eats, I am working toward producing as much of our own food as I can!  
​Do you feel the same?

For the last few weeks, I have spent nearly every waking moment working in my garden and teaching others how to grow.  ‘Tis the season for getting fall gardens started in Phoenix!  I am physically and mentally tired, but overwhelmed with a sense of joy and satisfaction.  

Being able to grow my own food is an amazing privilege.​  Today, I just want to encourage those of you who labor in the garden, and those who have a desire to start a garden.  The benefits FAR outweigh the work and the yard space that a garden requires.

My good friend Greg Peterson of sums up a few of the best reasons:​

..​. I started growing my own food in 1975 at the ripe young age of 14.  Driven because I knew there was something deeply wrong with our food system.  Since that time I have discovered many reasons why I should be doing it.  Here are just 7…What are yours?
1.  I can,
2.  It connects me to nature,
3.  I know where my food comes from,
4.  I know what is in my food (because I have control over what I do or don’t add to it),
5.  That one peach – that falls off into my had at it’s peak ripeness that explodes with flavor in my mouth and drips down my shirt,
6.  My 3 favorite days each year – first day of navel oranges, first day of peaches and first day of apricots – all growing in my yard,
7.  I know that the nutrition in the food I am raising is better for me than what I can find at the grocery store

The great news is that you can do this, too.  That’s why Great and I are offering you our Growing Food the Basics course online.  

You can start any time and enjoy the classes at your own leisure. Each module covers a different topic with both Greg & I teaching.  The class is accessed through a member account that you keep forever.  Your member account is full of resources to help you be successful and will continue to be available to you well after the class is complete.

I would like to invite you to take the plunge and jump into changing your food future. It really is simple you jut have to get started. Class starts today. 

Visit our Growing Food the Basics information page to see the specifics of the program.  And I am sure that your participation in the class will transform how you look at your yard while empowering you to grow your own food.

Click HERE for more information or to register.

I look forward to having you in class.  As Greg says, “FARM OUT!”