The Gift of Gardening

Mother’s Day is tomorrow and some of us (myself included) are coming up with last minute gifts. My mother would not be up to any extensive gardening. But she does like to have flowers growing in containers on her patio. She lives in a senior community, and I think that […]

types of squash

Types of Squash: Summer Squash vs Winter Squash

What is the difference between summer and winter types of squash? The answer to how types of squash are categorized lies in how long they last in cold storage. Summer types of squash tend to have thin skins.  They do not store well.  Hence, they are eaten shortly following harvest, […]

grow pumpkins

Grow Pumpkins Naturally at Home

Grow Pumpkins Naturally! At the close of a long hot summer, the appearance of the pumpkin heralds the welcome arrival of autumn. The classic symbol of fall appears everywhere, from Jack-O-Lanterns on porches to pumpkin specialties on restaurant menus. More than just the emblem of ancient folklore or a delicious, […]

quail eggs

Raise Coturnix Quail for Eggs, Meat and Profit

Can’t have chickens?  Consider quail eggs. Would you love to have fresh eggs every day, but can’t have chickens due to city ordinances, HOA rules or space limitations? Coturnix quail are small game birds that are becoming a popular, practical and fun alternative to poultry, providing both eggs and meat. […]

protect your garden from birds

How to Protect A Garden & Seedlings from Birds

Birds love seeds and seedlings. Here’s how to protect a garden that has been freshly planted from becoming a snack bar for birds and other pests. Plant seeds twice as deep as the longest edge of the seed.  If you plant large seeds shallowly, they may float to the surface […]

dig a planting hole

How To Dig a Planting Hole

Dig a planting hole the right way to give your transplants a great start. Here is how to dig a proper planting hole: Remove mulch and debris from the area in which you want to plant. Dig a hole that is twice as wide and just as deep as the […]

how to plant a garden

What Weeds Teach Us About How to Plant a Garden

Is there a connection between where weeds grow and how to plant a garden?  Yes! Weeds are nature’s reclamation crew.  We see them in sidewalk cracks, abandoned lots, rock landscapes and construction zones.  Weeds are the first plants to grow back in areas where vegetation has been removed and were […]


How To Put Your Garden to Bed – Winter Is Coming!

How to Put Your Garden to Bed As winter approaches, it is time to prepare the garden for dormancy.  This is true in areas that experience hard frosts or freezes.  Here is how to put your garden to bed. First, prune back. Cut back perennial plants.  Wait until after the […]

how to replant a container garden

How to Replant a Container Garden

Does your container garden need a little TLC?  Here is how to replant a container garden. There are two ways to freshen up your pots. The first is a total refresh.  In this case, all of the plants have died or need to be removed.  Remove mulch and set aside. […]

planting calendar

Planting Calendar and Warm & Cool Season Vegetables

Planting calendars are essential to successful gardening. A planting calendar is a tool that tells a farmer or gardener the specific dates or window of time that is best for planting various crops. They are one of the most valuable tools in a grower’s toolbox.  Here is why. Has this […]