The Benefits of Urban Farming with Kids

This morning, I read a beautiful post by my friend Tiffany Davis of  First of all, I love the title of her website.  So may times as I browse homesteading websites, an image of perfection is portrayed.  While we certainly want to put our best foot forward, perfection on an […]

Why Your Soil Test May Mislead You

Should I get a soil test?  How can I build my soil?   These are common questions that we receive at the farm.  Soil health is intriguing to me, and a topic of utmost importance to urban farmers and gardeners.  I recently watched “The Roots of Your Profits” with soil expert […]

Growitarianism: A Little Encouragement for Growing Food

Of all the ways that people feed themselves in healthy and  responsible ways, my favorite is Growitarianism.  And though I don’t yet grow and raise everything that my family eats, I am working toward producing as much of our own food as I can!  ​Do you feel the same? For the last few weeks, I […]

How to Pressure Can Chicken

Natural foods can be expensive to purchase.  So, when we are not eating our own farm-raised meat, I am always looking for a good deal.  I was excited to order 100% natural chicken breasts from Zaycon Foods for $1.89/lb.  What a bargain! But, when the package arrived, I realized how much space […]

What Egg Carton Labels Really Mean

What do the words on an egg carton mean?  You may be surprised!  Educate yourself by watching “The Story of an Egg” by The Lexicon of Sustainability.   And read the article below, from  To read it FULL SIZE on the website, click anywhere on the graphic.


The Gift of Gardening

Mother’s Day is tomorrow and some of us (myself included) are coming up with last minute gifts. My mother would not be up to any extensive gardening. But she does like to have flowers growing in containers on her patio. She lives in a senior community, and I think that […]