Planting Calendar and Warm & Cool Season Vegetables

planting calendar

Planting calendars are essential to successful gardening.

A planting calendar is a tool that tells a farmer or gardener the specific dates or window of time that is best for planting various crops. They are one of the most valuable tools in a grower’s toolbox.  Here is why.

Has this ever happened to you?

You get excited to plant your garden, and realize that it is a bit too late in the season?  Or something you planted is just starting to fruit — and then a sudden frost freezes them?

Why do these problems arise?

On my farm, it sometimes occurs due to insufficient planning.  I have found that I really need to consult a planting calendar and mark specific dates to sow the crops I want to grow on my garden calendar (with reminders!)

On your farm, it may occur for other reasons.  Perhaps you have used a general planting calendar rather than a guide that is specific to your region. Maybe you are not sure when to start growing transplants indoors, or which plants need to be started indoors.  Or you might be new to gardening and need some guidance.

This is where having a planting calendar saves the day!

A planting calendar that is specifically for your region or climate shows you the best dates to plant various types of crops.  Using a planting calendar to plan ahead will help you to plant at the right time of year for maximum production.

Additionally, it is helpful to know which vegetables grow during the cool season and which prefer the warm season.

In this video, Kari Spencer shows cool season varieties and explains the value of using a planting calendar.

Get Kari’s Ultimate Guide to Planting Calendars here.  The guide will help you to select the right calendar for your region.  It also points to resources that will help to plan succession plantings and growing your own transplants. You will also get her guide to Cool & Warm Season Vegetables.

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