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Farm Plan at Terra Rosa Fertile Farms

Interview with Susan of Terra Rosa Fertile Farms (TERFF -Cottonwood, AZ) July 10, 2015.  Susan discusses her farm plan, from permaculture design and product selection to business planning and marketing. Sue, you have a wonderful piece of property.  What is currently happening at TERFF and how you are creating your […]

Rainwater Harvesting for Livestock

Watering livestock can be challenging in terms of cost as well as labor.  The photo above is our daughter filling livestock water buckets with a hose, a highly inefficient system.  Fortunately, nature offers an alternative in the form of rainwater and storm water, which can be harvested and moved via gravity […]

Basins, Swales and Sunken Gardens

Swales and basins are man-made depressions in the earth that slow the flow of storm water runoff so that it infiltrates the soil..  Swales are sometimes combined with curb cuts that allow water to run off of a roadway into depressions that are dug and planted along a sidewalk or […]

Water Wise Gardening

Tips to Save Water in Your Garden the Permaculture Way

Water Wise Gardening Tips Gardening in Phoenix, Arizona is challenging, particularly in May and June when the temperatures soar and rainfall is rare.  In order to properly water our plants, we employ Permaculture strategies for water wise gardening.  These strategies conserve our precious water resources while providing the moisture that […]

Water Harvesting: Can I Use Air Conditioning Condensate to Water My Garden?

 Free water, but is it safe for water harvesting? Q: I want to do more water harvesting. During the summer, my air conditioner condensate water runs off the roof through a pipe and drips onto the ground. Can I use this run-off to water my garden? A: Yes, water harvesting […]