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Learn to farm at MCC

Learn to Farm at the Center for Urban Agriculture

Interview with Peter Condon of MCC Center for Urban Agriculture Where Students Learn to Farm Using Sustainable Agriculture Methods Kari:  I’m here with Peter Condon and Christee Rothbard at the Mesa Community College Center for Urban Agriculture, where students can learn to farm successfully and profitably.  We are here to […]

lush sunken gardens

Edible Landscaping at Longevity Gardens

Arizona Homeowner Grows Beautiful and Productive Edible Landscaping:  Interview with Jake Mace of Longevity Gardens (Phoenix, AZ) You have an amazing farm and beautiful edible landscaping.  How did you get started? I really didn’t know what I was doing, and I really made a ton of mistakes.  So basically, two […]

Make a Water-Saving Wicking Bed Garden

Water Your Plants From Below Wicking beds are a unique way to grow vegetables that waters them from the bottom up. Unlike traditional gardens that require good drainage, wicking beds are self-contained, highy productive garden beds with water reservoirs that supply moisture to plant roots from the bottom up – […]

Water Wise Gardening

Tips to Save Water in Your Garden the Permaculture Way

Water Wise Gardening Tips Gardening in Phoenix, Arizona is challenging, particularly in May and June when the temperatures soar and rainfall is rare.  In order to properly water our plants, we employ Permaculture strategies for water wise gardening.  These strategies conserve our precious water resources while providing the moisture that […]

Water Harvesting: Can I Use Air Conditioning Condensate to Water My Garden?

 Free water, but is it safe for water harvesting? Q: I want to do more water harvesting. During the summer, my air conditioner condensate water runs off the roof through a pipe and drips onto the ground. Can I use this run-off to water my garden? A: Yes, water harvesting […]