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School Gardens & Farm Education at Youth Farm

School Gardens Teach Teens and Young Adults to Farm Interview with Molly, co-manager of The Youth Farm school gardens and teaching farm (Brooklyn, NY) On a cool April day, one month prior to the peak growing season, Lewis and I visited one NYC’s most visionary urban farms, The Youth Farm […]

Seed Saving: Starting Plants from Seed

Starting plants from seed is an economical and rewarding way to start a garden.  Whether you have  saved your own seed, or purchased it from a nursery, the basic steps for starting the plants are the same.  Techniques may vary according to the type of plants you are growing.  Do […]

Plant Labels

Labels do not need to be sophisticated or artsy.  They can be make from any number of materials, from tongue depressors or wooden stakes to commercial label sticks.  If you prefer more imaginative labels, there are hundreds of creative and artistic plant label ideas on Pinterest and other websites. Use […]

cold frame

How To Use a Cold Frame to Start Plants Earlier

A cold frame is a simple tool for season extension. I often want to get plants growing early in the season to give them a head start.  But, I do not have a window that is sunny enough to start them indoors.  My original method was to carry them in […]