Kari Spencer's garden quotes

Farm & garden quotes by Kari Spencer that appear in City Farming.

In regards to the rise in interest in organic gardening-  Urban farms are often fashioned with little regard to natural systems and processes, and then expected to be maintained via organic and natural means.  Impossible!

In regards to selecting a location- We have discovered that, although finding space to produce food in the city can be challenging, it should not be an insurmountable obstacle.  There are many ways to creatively grow and produce food, even in small spaces, if we expand our thinking beyond conventional methods.

In regards to conventional farming:  The reality is that you can’ fool Mother Nature.  She may be circumvented for a while, but nature always wins in the end.

In regards to the rise in interest in urban farming- A movement is growing, comprised of urbanites who would rather pick tomatoes than mow grass, and for whom chickens are more appealing pets than hamsters.

In regards to designing an urban farm- One of the key pieces of creating a regenerative farm design is simply deciding what elements to include on the farm and where to place them.

#UrbanFarming is making a difference in #families and #communities alike! Learn more at
#UrbanFarming is making a difference in #families and #communities alike! Learn more at
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