Garden Fabrics

I have been known to use old bed sheets for frost and shade protection in my garden.  But sheets have some disadvantages:  they block too much light, can be unsightly, can block the rain, and must be removed during the daytime in the winter.  I have also used plastic, which definitely blocks the rain and can create an environment that is too hot and humid during the daytime.  Even though I like to recycle and use items that I already have availalble on my farm, garden fabrics that are made specifically for use in the garden can be a great investment, protecting the garden with non of the downsides.  Several types of garden fabric are available on the commercial market.  Some are made specifically to provide shade; others protect from frost.  There are also dual-purpose fabrics.  The following links provide information about garden fabric types and uses, as well as the USDA high tunnel program:

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