How to Pressure Can Chicken

Natural foods can be expensive to purchase.  So, when we are not eating our own farm-raised meat, I am always looking for a good deal.  I was excited to order 100% natural chicken breasts from Zaycon Foods for $1.89/lb.  What a bargain! But, when the package arrived, I realized how much space […]

What Egg Carton Labels Really Mean

What do the words on an egg carton mean?  You may be surprised!  Educate yourself by watching “The Story of an Egg” by The Lexicon of Sustainability.   And read the article below, from  To read it FULL SIZE on the website, click anywhere on the graphic.


Edible Landscaping at Longevity Gardens

Arizona Homeowner Grows Beautiful and Productive Edible Landscaping:  Interview with Jake Mace of Longevity Gardens (Phoenix, AZ) You have an amazing farm and beautiful edible landscaping.  How did you get started? I really didn’t know what I was doing, and I really made a ton of mistakes.  So basically, two […]

start a farm business

Start a Farm Business: Notes from Stone Hoe Gardens

Interview with Tina and Bruce Leadbetter of Stone Hoe Gardens on the history of the farm, how they manage their dairy goats, how to start a farm business, and how farm businesses evolve.   (Kari) I’m here with Tina and Bruce of Stone Hoe Gardens in Phoenix, AZ to talk […]

sell eggs

Sell Eggs for Profit from Your Backyard

Sell Eggs from Profit, Right Out of Your Backyard Demand for naturally grown, wholesome foods is rising.  Even city-folk are choosing to grow and raise some of what they eat, right in their own backyards.  Urban hens are becoming quite popular. Some chicken-keepers choose to offset the cost of raising […]

Fodder Systems: Growing Sprouted Fodder for Livestock

Growing fodder is an economical way to feed animals Fodder is growing in popularity with urban farmers.  Many people who raise urban livestock are motivated to cultivate meat, milk and eggs as naturally as possible.  What the animals eat plays a big role in producing a vigorous flock and healthy […]

Hova Bator Forced Air Incubator Increases Farm Fun and Profits

As I write this review, the sweet sounds of new life greet me from the incubator that is on the floor next to me.  Fresh Slate Palm heritage turkey hatchlings are working their way out of their beautiful shells and into the world.  One of my favorite things about farming […]

Raising Chickens in the City

Chicken Raising Revival With the rise of industrialized food production, the iconic family farm with a red barn and chickens running around the yard may be a fading vision. Modern urbanites have little connection to our food sources and less and less control of how those foods are produced. In […]

Keeping Chickens Healthy and Happy

Understanding Chicken Behaviors and Health Needs Chickens are very simple. That does not mean that they are unintelligent, but simple in the sense that they have uncomplicated motivations and few needs. They learn quickly to do most everything for themselves, including putting themselves to bed at night. They are susceptible […]

Backyard Chickens From “Scratch” | How to Set Up a Brooder Box and Raise Chicks

Keeping Happy Hens in the City Chickens are so easy to keep, and they provide plenty of benefits to their lucky owners, among them the following: Fresh eggs Meat Fertilizer Bug and Weed Control Digging (Soil Aeration) Companionship (They are GREAT Pets.) Entertainment! Think you might want to keep a […]