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protect your garden from birds

How to Protect A Garden & Seedlings from Birds

Birds love seeds and seedlings. Here’s how to protect a garden that has been freshly planted from becoming a snack bar for birds and other pests. Plant seeds twice as deep as the longest edge of the seed.  If you plant large seeds shallowly, they may float to the surface […]

how to plant a garden

What Weeds Teach Us About How to Plant a Garden

Is there a connection between where weeds grow and how to plant a garden?  Yes! Weeds are nature’s reclamation crew.  We see them in sidewalk cracks, abandoned lots, rock landscapes and construction zones.  Weeds are the first plants to grow back in areas where vegetation has been removed and were […]

Seed Saving: Starting Plants from Seed

Starting plants from seed is an economical and rewarding way to start a garden.  Whether you have  saved your own seed, or purchased it from a nursery, the basic steps for starting the plants are the same.  Techniques may vary according to the type of plants you are growing.  Do […]

cold frame

How To Use a Cold Frame to Start Plants Earlier

A cold frame is a simple tool for season extension. I often want to get plants growing early in the season to give them a head start.  But, I do not have a window that is sunny enough to start them indoors.  My original method was to carry them in […]