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Backyard Permaculture Trelisses

Backyard Permaculture at Rodman Farm

Backyard Permacuture with Urban Farmer Heather Rodman The internet is a wonderful tool for connecting with like-minded folks.  I recently asked a question online about Tattler canning lids, and received a wonderful reply from Heather Rodman.  Her response piqued my interest in her farm.  I discovered that Heather is a […]

community garden

Community Garden at Saint Vincent de Paul Urban Farm

Interview with Tony from Saint Vincent de Paul of Phoenix Farm and community garden (Phoenix, AZ) 7/20/2015 This post contains a video of the farm, a summary of the interview with Tony Kasowski, and a the full audio interview with transcript below the summary(with video and photos from the farm.) The […]

Water Wise Gardening

Tips to Save Water in Your Garden the Permaculture Way

Water Wise Gardening Tips Gardening in Phoenix, Arizona is challenging, particularly in May and June when the temperatures soar and rainfall is rare.  In order to properly water our plants, we employ Permaculture strategies for water wise gardening.  These strategies conserve our precious water resources while providing the moisture that […]