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How to Grow Tomatoes Anywhere, Even in Phoenix

Tomatoes Are Easy, Once You Know a Few Tomato Growing Hacks I have heard it over and over again; newcomers to the Phoenix valley lamenting the tasteless tomatoes in our local grocery stores, and the loss of red, juicy wonders they knew back home. Here in Phoenix, the only way […]

Water Gardens

A rain garden can be a beautiful and useful addition to your landscape to soak up excess water. Similar to a swale, rain gardens are shallow depressions in which water can collect during a storm and slowly percolate into the soil. Placed near a runoff source, rain gardens are an […]

Sheet Mulching (aka Lasagna Gardening)

Sheet mulching is a great way to build soil and compost in place, eliminating the need to move finished compost from the pile to the garden. Also known as Lasagna Gardening, building a sheet mulch garden is a process of layering brown and green organic materials directly in a garden […]

Safe Wood Sealers for Raised Bed Gardens

Grow Safe, Naturally and Economically From cities and suburbs to rural environs, people are discovering the joys of vegetable gardening, and the health benefits of controlling the chemicals that come in contact with their food. Many of these gardeners are opting to grow plants in raised beds or containers in […]