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Water Gardens

A rain garden can be a beautiful and useful addition to your landscape to soak up excess water. Similar to a swale, rain gardens are shallow depressions in which water can collect during a storm and slowly percolate into the soil. Placed near a runoff source, rain gardens are an […]

Growing Native Plant Varieties

When selecting plants for your garden, explore varieties that are native or adapted to your area. These plants have many benefits, one of which is the ability to survive only on natural rainfall, requiring little or no irrigation. The Micro Farm Project is located in central Arizona, one of the […]

Cereus Cranberry Jam Recipe

The Micro Farm Project has a gorgeous night blooming Cereus cactus outside our front door. For fourteen years, I admired its blooms, but did not realize that the bright pink fruits that were left after the blooms faded were edible…and DELICIOUS! The white interior is lightly sweet and practically melts […]