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Raising dairy goats

Raising Dairy Goats at Wish We Had Acres Farm

How We Got Started Raising Dairy Goats & Tips for Cold Weather Farming

Raising dairy goats in the city may sound like a strange idea.  But nothing beats fresh, sweet milk and cheese that can only come from backyard goats.  If you want to get a goat, be sure to get plenty of advice from urban dairy farmers beforehand so that you understand how to keep goats and how to get the most out of them. We had the good fortune to meet our mentor goat farmers by happy accident.  Here is how we got started raising dairy goats and some tips for keeping goats warm in winter.

Ups-and-Downs on the Farm

The homesteader’s lifestyle is exhilarating, satisfying, exhausting, and sometimes disappointing.  To give you a brief snapshot of the urban farm life, we were awakened before sunrise by a bleating goat who was giving birth to the tiniest Nigerian Mini triplet kids.  Happily, the birth was unassisted and everyone was healthy […]


Using Heat Lamps Safely

Heat lamps are an easy way to raise temperatures inside coops and enclosures, but they must be carefully placed to reduce the risks associate with them.  Heat lamps are easily broken by curious animals, and the bulbs become hot enough to cause a burn if they are touched.  Additionally, if […]