Grow Onions: Tips from The Micro Farm Project

It is so easy and economical to grow onions One of the most useful parts of my garden is definitely my onion bed. Onions are used almost daily in my kitchen.  Growing them is like having an onion bank in the backyard to visit any time that I need one. […]

sell eggs

Sell Eggs for Profit from Your Backyard

Sell Eggs from Profit, Right Out of Your Backyard Demand for naturally grown, wholesome foods is rising.  Even city-folk are choosing to grow and raise some of what they eat, right in their own backyards.  Urban hens are becoming quite popular. Some chicken-keepers choose to offset the cost of raising […]

farm tour

Farm Tour: Hosting Visitors at Your Urban Farm

Any urban farmer knows that once the word gets out, people will want to see first-hand what you are doing to grow and raise food in the city.  The Micro Farm Project welcomes visitors to the farm.  We love to share what we do with the public, and host a […]

heritage turkey

Heritage Turkey Breeds: How to Raise Turkeys

Raise a Heritage Turkey in Honor of National Turkey Lovers’ Month…or for Thanksgiving & Christmas, of Course! Each June, we celebrate National Turkey Lovers Month on the farm as we prepare for the summer and the upcoming hatching of our hen’s eggs. I proudly say that I am one (a […]