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Soil Building at Sweet Life Garden & Orchard

Interview with Jill of Sweet Life Garden & Orchard (Phoenix, AZ) 2015-07-15 Jill describes how they acquired the land, its features, and how they did easy soil building using a technique called lasagna gardening.  She also tells the story of her orchard, dairy goats, and selling products to their neighbors. […]

Using Water for Frost Protection

It may seem counter-intuitive, but one strategy that commercial growers use to protect plants from cold temperatures is to water the soil prior to a frost.   Water is an excellent insulator. Plant cells that are plump with water are more resistant to frost damage.  Moist soil retains heat better than […]

Drip Irrigation

According to the Master Gardeners of Sonoma County, “Efficient watering means putting the right amount of water, in the right place, just at the plants needing it, without excess, runoff, overspray, or waste.”* The first principle of efficient watering is to water the soil, not the plant.  Although overhead sprinklers […]