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protect your garden from birds

How to Protect A Garden & Seedlings from Birds

Birds love seeds and seedlings. Here’s how to protect a garden that has been freshly planted from becoming a snack bar for birds and other pests. Plant seeds twice as deep as the longest edge of the seed.  If you plant large seeds shallowly, they may float to the surface […]

dig a planting hole

How To Dig a Planting Hole

Dig a planting hole the right way to give your transplants a great start. Here is how to dig a proper planting hole: Remove mulch and debris from the area in which you want to plant. Dig a hole that is twice as wide and just as deep as the […]

Plant Labels

Labels do not need to be sophisticated or artsy.  They can be make from any number of materials, from tongue depressors or wooden stakes to commercial label sticks.  If you prefer more imaginative labels, there are hundreds of creative and artistic plant label ideas on Pinterest and other websites. Use […]