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Start a Farm Business: Notes from Stone Hoe Gardens

Interview with Tina and Bruce Leadbetter of Stone Hoe Gardens on the history of the farm, how they manage their dairy goats, how to start a farm business, and how farm businesses evolve.   (Kari) I’m here with Tina and Bruce of Stone Hoe Gardens in Phoenix, AZ to talk […]

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Grow Food & Earn College Credit and Certificates

Learn to grow food and earn college credit or certificates. If you are interested in learning to grow food, and would like to earn a degree or certificate in sustainable or urban agriculture, you are in luck.  Colleges and Universities have long offered agricultural degree programs focused on industrial agriculture.  […]

profitable farm

Profitable Farm: Economic Viability of the Farm

The ecological reasons for farming are vitally important, but they cannot create a sustainable urban farm all by themselves.  In order to be truly sustainable, and urban farm must also be economically viable.  And it must have a strong network of supporters who are committed to carrying out the farm’s mission […]