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Learn to farm at MCC

Learn to Farm at the Center for Urban Agriculture

Interview with Peter Condon of MCC Center for Urban Agriculture Where Students Learn to Farm Using Sustainable Agriculture Methods Kari:  I’m here with Peter Condon and Christee Rothbard at the Mesa Community College Center for Urban Agriculture, where students can learn to farm successfully and profitably.  We are here to […]

start a farm business

Start a Farm Business: Notes from Stone Hoe Gardens

Interview with Tina and Bruce Leadbetter of Stone Hoe Gardens on the history of the farm, how they manage their dairy goats, how to start a farm business, and how farm businesses evolve.   (Kari) I’m here with Tina and Bruce of Stone Hoe Gardens in Phoenix, AZ to talk […]

how to water

Landscape & Garden Watering Guide

How to Water Your Garden Two questions that novice gardeners often ask are how long and how often to water landscapes, lawns and garden plants.  There is no one-size-fits-all answer to these questions.  Soil texture, air temperatures, plant size and type, and many other factors play a part in determining proper […]