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Hova Bator Forced Air Incubator Increases Farm Fun and Profits

As I write this review, the sweet sounds of new life greet me from the incubator that is on the floor next to me.  Fresh Slate Palm heritage turkey hatchlings are working their way out of their beautiful shells and into the world.  One of my favorite things about farming […]

Keeping Chickens Healthy and Happy

Understanding Chicken Behaviors and Health Needs Chickens are very simple. That does not mean that they are unintelligent, but simple in the sense that they have uncomplicated motivations and few needs. They learn quickly to do most everything for themselves, including putting themselves to bed at night. They are susceptible […]


Keep Livestock Warm with Deep Litter Composting

What is deep litter composting and how does it keep livestock warm in winter? If you have any experience with composting, you may be familiar with how compost piles give off heat. As microbes break down the materials in the presence of oxygen, compost piles can warm up as high […]

Selecting the Right Chicken Breed for Your Climate

Selecting breeds that are well adapted or native to your climate reduces the amount of management that is required to keep them warm or cool. Many of the chicken breeds that are prevalent in the United States today developed in widely varied climates.  Those that trace their roots to hot […]

The Micro Farm Project

Small urban farm grows large amounts of food in the heart of Phoenix, Arizona.